HANGING SCALES 16.5mm LCD display, ABS  housing SGS safety approval to 500% of capacity. Safe overload 150% kg /lb conversion, tare and weight hold functions Power: AA 1.5V alkaline batteries…

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Nuweigh JAC 424

Nuweigh JAC 424 suspended scales are quality mechanical spring scales. Cases are steel with a perspex dial cover.

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CAS CI2001BS Trade Approved Crane Scale

The CAS CI2001BS Series trade approved crane scale has been specifically designed for a wide range of uses in a rugged environment. The body construction is all stainless steel and all components are corrosion protected. The indicator is sealed to IP 65 and is splash proof. The load cell is stainless steel IP67(3ton) and IP68(5ton).

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Nuweigh JAC 757

Features: 40mm LCD Display Internal Sealed lead acid battery Handheld remote display with instantaneous weight display and full button control of hanging scale Rugged industrial housing Capacities ranging from 1,000kg…

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