Pressure Calibration

What is Calibration? Calibration is a Comparison Between Measurements
ScaleLogic Limited can verify your pressure gauges to traceable standards. Depending on the type of pressure gauge, ScaleLogic can carry out the calibration process in our calibration laboratory or on your site.

All pressure calibration includes:

General Cleaning
Minor Adjustments
Calibration Sticker
Minor Repairs
Calibration Report
Calibration lab/in-house work can be turned around in 2-3 working days, limiting the time spent without the capacity to carry out the work your clients and customers require.

Calibration of your pressure measuring devices will ensure your instruments maintain traceability and will assist with meeting your quality requirements. Not only will you have a higher rate of efficiency, you will ensure that all of your measurements are fully traceable. Our calibration services ensure your workplace operations are transparent, to give you, your clients and your customers peace of mind.

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