We don't just sell Scales, We sell Solutions

 (It’s sounds like a cliché, but it really is true)
Check out our range of solutions to the right, or read on to learn more about us.
In-House Engineering:
We design, manufacture and supply all types of weighing equipment. And if you would rather build the scale yourself then we can supply you with all the drawings, expertise and equipment you need, just ask.Factory Scales:

We provide solutions based around your staff, requirements and factory. We identify process interruptions and through our advice help to prevent them from happening to your systems.  Our strong approach to preventative maintenancemeans we endeavour to identify all faults and possible improvements to minimise downtime.

Computer & Network Integration:

Most scales and/or weighing solutions can be integrated into your business process or computer software with ease.

We can write a software program to suit your exact requirements, or provide an off-the-shelf solution in many cases. We can also help if you have a problem with your current weighing software or process, just contact us.

Repairs, Maintenance and Calibration:

We are familiar with and can repair, service and calibrate the following scale and weighing brands.

AND, Avery, CAS, Cardinal, Digi, Ishida, Jadever, Mettler Toledo, Nuweigh, Ohaus, PT, Ricelake, Rinstrum, Shekel, Shimadzu, Systec, Tedea-Huntleigh, Toledo, UWE, Zemic