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Weigh Scales Calibration in New Zealand

Weigh Scales Calibration in New Zealand

We can provide calibration services in NZ to scales of all types and all capacities. We can provide calibration services in NZ to scales of all types and capacities, from industrial and retail scales to weighbridges and specialist weighing applications. Our staff have been accredited by the Trading Standards to certify trade-approved instruments, meaning they have been fully trained and independently assessed as being highly competent in weighing scales calibration and certificate services

The Fine Print

Our range of test masses are traceable back to Trading Standards formally known as Ministry of Consumer Affairs, with all test weights having their own Certificate of Verification (a copy of which can be made available upon request).

After completion of the calibration services, we issue an Inspection and Test Report showing the final accuracy of your equipment. If your scale is trade-approved, we will also issue a weighing scale calibration certificate or the Certification of Accuracy for trade use in New Zealand.
Calibration Reports –We use a purpose built reporting system. In this system it contains all customer information, scale information, past and current reports and when the scales are due. Out of this system the reports are sent via email in pdf format to selected site contacts. Noted on our reports are references to our Test Weights being traceable to Trading Standards and the appropriate Weight Test report for that year.

Traceability – We ensure that our Test Weights are always within their Verification period with Trading Standards and have their test report available on file.

We have extensive service, installation and calibration experience, especially with the following brands:

AND, Avery, CAS, Cardinal, Digi, Ishida, Jadever, Mettler Toledo, Nuweigh, Ohaus, PT, Ricelake, Rinstrum, Shekel, Shimadzu, Systec, Tedea-Huntleigh, Toledo, TScale, UWE, Zemic.

Simply contact us to learn more about our scale calibration in New Zealand. To discuss your weighing scale calibration certificate requirements call 0508 472 253.

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