Instrument Calibration

We can provide instrument calibration on site or in-house.

At ScaleLogic we offer;

  • IANZ* Calibration for Pressure and Temperature calibration
  • Traceable Calibration for Weighing, Mass, Flow, Temperature, Pressure, PH and Conductivity

Why choose ScaleLogic;

  • One company that can provide and maintain your instrument calibrations on a preventative maintenance program
  • Systematic and accurate approach to instrument calibration
  • Accurate and documented compliance calibration reports providing less confusion and problems come Auditing time
  • Highly accurate testing methods and reference standards/equipment

*IANZ calibration for Pressure and Temperature is provided in conjuncution with one of New Zealands most prestigious and largest Instrumentation company – WIKA

*IANZ Endorsed calibration services are performed in accordance with the laboratories terms and conditions of accreditation and include calibration certificates that meet all of the requirements of NZS/ISO/IEC 17025.