Temperature Calibration

Quality Temperature Calibration

What is Calibration? Calibration is a Comparison Between Measurements

At ScaleLogic Ltd we can perform calibration of temperature equipment. The testing can be carried out by our field calibration technicians or in our temperature calibration laboratory located in Whanganui or Auckland

ScaleLogic can undertake efficient, affordable and accurate calibration of:

Chart Recorders
Cool Rooms
Cold Storage Including Trucks & Vans
Dial Thermometers
Digital Hand Held Thermometers
Drying Ovens
Environmental Chambers
Food Temperature Monitoring
Ovens/Hot Boxes
Humidty Chambers
Infra-Red Thermometers
Mercury & Liquid Thermometers
Moisutre Meters
Oil & Water Baths
Ph Meters
RTD Probes

The Calibration Process Includes:

General Cleaning
Minor Repairs
Minor Adjustments
Calibration Report
Calibration Sticker
Calibration lab/in-house work can be turned around in 2-3 working days, limiting your down time and ensuring that you can keep to your timeliness and efficiency requirements.

Calibration of your temperature equipment will ensure your instruments maintain traceability and will assist with meeting your quality requirements.

ScaleLogic Ltd also sell all types of temperature equipment. Our team is more than happy to provide you with a single place to find every temperature calibration solution you could possibly require.

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