Agricultural Solutions

ScaleLogic provide many solutions for Agricultural Weighing Systems and Scales. We have extensive knowledge of Cattle & Livestock Weighing Scales from companies such as : Tru-Test, Iconix and Gallagher Scales.
We are experts in the level measurement of Grain and Feed Silos using Conventional Loadcells and Retro-Fit Transducers.
We can fit our transducers to most Silos and can get between a 1-2% accuracy most of the time.

We can service the Loadrite Tractor Scales

  • 2000kg capacity available
  • Weighpads are pre-spanned for use on all FX weighing indicators.
  • High performance construction
  • Rugged and waterproof

The Iconix Vet Platform is the ideal companion to the FX1 for small animal weighing, such as in a veterinary practice. It is also compatible with other Iconix FX model indicators if additional features are required

The Iconix FX41 advanced livestock weighing system provides an all too rare blend of sophistication and genuine ease of use. It gives you all the flexibility and the features you need now, yet is ready for Electronic ID when you are.