Health and Medical Equipment

ScaleLogic supplies a comprehensive range of Health and Medical Equipment which represent an excellent value for money.

Accuracies range from:

  • Compact balances – general accuracy lab scales
  • Compact balances – general accuracy lab scales

Equipped with an integrated seat, Shekel’s new Electronic Multifunction Wheelchair Scale 341-00-4 extends the concept of multifunctionality.

Patented Design
The new Chair Scale 550 maintains Shekel’s well-known reputation for reliability and uncompromising precision. With a few smart changes, we have created the ideal ergonomic patient product.

Healthweigh™ Electronic Handrail Scales were designed for the bariatric practice. Its unique design and enhanced robust structure assures safety and comfort for large people. 

Healthweigh™ ‘s new Electronic Wheelchair Scale answers both patients and carers’ needs. The scale is very accessible, thanks to the exceptionally wide side ramps. Advanced movement compensation technology eliminates involuntary movement made during the weighing process and ensures exact weighing information.

Lightweight and slender, Healthweigh™ Physician scales are a professional tool providing precision weighing information. Multifunctional: height and weight are indicated in a single-task operation for BMI calculation.

CAS PB Portable Bench Scale is designed for portable applications, easy to carry with it sturdy carry handle and extremely robust base. With its rechargeable battery the PB can be used continuously up to 300 hours.
The PB can also be used with 4 x C size batteries.