Why Calibrate

Calibrate your instruments to —

  1. Determine the accuracy of the instrument readings.
  2. Ensure your readings stay consistent with other measurements.
  3. Establish the reliability of the instrument.

Uncertainty: How accurate are your measurements?

A measurement with a stated uncertainty can be compared to others. Measurements are traceable when they can be related to a recognised measurement system through an unbroken chain of comparisons, each with stated uncertainties.

Reliability: Can I trust the instrument?

A calibration certificate will be issued only if an instrument is found to be reliable and will satisfy its intended purpose

Achieving Traceability In Your Measurements

To make a traceable measurement, three elements are required:

  1. An appropriate and recognised definition of how the quantity should be measured.
  2. A calibrated measuring instrument.
  3. Competent staff capable of using the instrument and interpreting the standard or procedure.

Traceability is only ensured with the presence of these three factors in the measurement process.