Pro Lift Series – Trade Approved Crane Scale

The PRO LIFT A Series trade approved crane scale has been specifically designed for a wide range of uses in a rugged environment. The body construction is all stainless steel and all components are corrosion protected. The indicator is sealed to IP 65 and is splash proof. The load cell is stainless steel with welded seals and is IP 67.
The PRO LIFT weight indicator is a fully programmable, smart unit that is capable of being re-programmed to have extra display damping to prevent display jittering, alarm outputs, peak hold functions and so on.
The display is a large LCD type with back-lighting for dim lighting conditions.  The back-lighting automatically switches off when the weight does not change to preserve the battery life. The scale also switches off if the weight does not change for 5 minutes (both these features are programmable).
All the load components are rated for safety and a large margin of safety is built into the unit. Samples have been tested to failure. Ultimate failure on the 3000kg and 5000kg versions was over 20 tonnes.

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