ScaleLogic Retro-Fit Pallet Trolly Scales


ScaleLogic can turn your Pallet Jack Truck/Trolley into an accurate, reliable and durable weighing machine with a few modifications and the right design. We can fit our design to almost any truck or trolley provided it is in good working condition.



  • PT 200R Indicator – Great Compact, High Preforming, Affordable Indicator
  • 4x Zemic 1000kg H8C Loadcells – Tool Steel Construction, IP67 Rating. 1000kg, 1500kg or 2000kg per loadcell available.
  • 2x Customised Weigh plates to suit your Pallet Jack or Trolley. These weigh plates follow the shape of the original fork to continue ease of access into pallets.
  • It is possible to have a low profile trolley approx 80mm

Optional Extras:

  • Stainless Steel version of Weigh Plates and Loadcells.
  • Fully programmble indicator with software for inventory tracking, weighing and location. Interfacing available with most industry leading scanning tools.

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