Nuweigh IH1949 Concrete Ridge Series

ScaleLogic can supply full-turn key solutions including 
all civil works.

The Nuweigh (Ridge Series) Truck Scale has been manufactured to the highest standards and will provide you with a long term solution, the truck scale has been designed and verified by suitably qualified weighing and structural engineers and we believe this is the very best truck scale solution available in the Australasian market today.


The NUWEIGH Ridge Series truck scale can be supplied in two different designs:

  • SINGLE DECK truck scale is the conventional type used for standard gross weights.
  • MULTI-DECK MODULE design for weighing different truck axle groups with minimum truck repositioning on the truck scale and depending on the truck configuration this can be done in a single weigh operation.
  • The Nuweigh JAC9000 load cell brings an advanced technology to weighbridge load cells.  Unlike the standard analogue load cell, the JAC9000 load cell has an in-built 10 kV lightning suppression protection.
  • The Nuweigh JAC320 digital indicator is the heart of the system.  It receives all the data transmitted from the load cells and coverts theis information, which is displayed on a 6 digit 7 segment 25mm high LCD display.

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