Compuload 4000 Forklift Scale Trade Approved *SOLAS

Trade Approved (TMU.1879) Forklift scale for use in New Zealand that meets the requirements of SOLAS by Maritime NZ.
The Compuload 3000 MkII is Fully electronic. Lift Speed Compensation allows weighing to take place as the load is lifted and can be done in kgs and tonnes. The Compuload 3000 MkII has a compact design and other features such as Programmable Tare Reduction, Digital Filtering, adjustable decimal point and is 12 to 24 volt compatible. The RS 232 Serial Output allows for printouts of every weighing.
Introducing the latest in on board weighing technology. The new Compuload 3000 MkII series load weighing indicator is designed for all forklift & loader applications. This sophisticated and versatile product incorporates the very latest in microprocessors to simplify operation and provide meaningful results. The large dot matrix backlit liquid display provides a clear readable display in all conditions. The large keypads in conjunction with the easy to follow ‘on display messages’ make this product extremely user friendly.


Proven, Rugged and Reliable
Compuload weighing systems have proven themselves in all types of applications and environments since 1989 with 1000’s of satisfied users. The rugged design ensures continuing operation, even when the going gets tough. Great care has been taken in the design of the Compuload 3000 MkII to provide high reliability and operation over a wide temperature range.
The latest Compuload 3000 MkII series indicator combines precision individual weight readings with weight totals. A selection of weighing modes allow the instrument to be configured to suit the characteristics of the machine.
Features and Options
The information can be printed as required on the optional on board printer.
Any item that can be lifted can be accurately weighed.
System Setup

Display: 2 Lines x 16 character dot matrix liquid crystal – super twist
Character Size: 9 mm high and 5 mm wide Visibility Rating 4 metres
Illumination: Backlit LED – automatic turn-on
Keyboard: 3 x membrane user keys, 3 programmable keys
Power Supply: 12 to 24 volts DC
Supply Current: 80rnA @ 12V, 40mA @ 24V (typical)
Memory: Inbuilt non volatile memory, retains calibration and setup data without power
Input: 20 to 100mV pressure transducer
Accuracy: +/- 1% (typical)
Mounting: Stainless steel bracket
Dimensions: 140mm (w) x 95mm (h) x 50-80mm (d)
Enclosure: Stainless Steel – powder coated finish
Weight: 1 kg (unpacked)
Optional Printer: Printer model 4060, prints actual weight, total and grand total weight, company name & phone number together with Date & Time
Compuload Series 4000 brochure – series-4000

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