Waterproof Weighing Scales

The core of our business and expertise does not travel far from Industrial Food Manufacturing and Processing businesses. We pride our ability in preventative maintenance ensuring minimal plant downtime.

We are pro-active in our approach to scale maintenance and although the scale may weigh correctly there is more to be considered that would affect accuracy and reliability.

We carry out all repairs and maintenance including but not limited to Loadcell & Indicator replacement, PCB Soldering and Stainless Welding of indicator pillars and scale bases. We can however work in with your own engineers onsite to ensure optimal service time frames.

We have an extensive range of Waterproof Weighing Scales and Stainless Steel Scales.


Weighing Solution Case Study

In late 2011 we were approached by a large meat processing company who needed a solution for their weighing process. We considered their needs, budget, environment and time frame.

Our solution was a locally made 304L Stainless Steel base with an easy clean finish, utilizing a Zemic BM6G Loadcell rated to IP69K.

The indicator was a Ricelake 920i with custom written software by ScaleLogic. This featured the ability to weigh the product, store the data weight, reweigh the product and end up with a percentage value. This was done using a remote push button due to the environment.

Now in 2015 this solution has continued to preform with no interruptions to Production and no further cost to the client due to the systems reliability and our ability to provide the right solution first time.

Contact Mike today for your own Customised Solution for your needs and know that you’ll be provided the right solution first time.