VeriFone VX510 Terminal


The Vx510 provides extraordinary performance for payments and value added applications – including data-intensive, EMV smart card transactions. vx510-vx810
The Vx 510 is a PCI PED and EMV approved entry-point, countertop solution that offers big things in a small package. It provides extraordinary performance in a sleek, compact design. The PCI PED approved Vx 510 offers superior performance for payment and value-added applications and dramatically reduces transaction time to just a few seconds. Part of VeriFone’s Vx Solutions portfolio, it leverages existing SoftPay and Verix applications to allow merchants to get up and running quickly and efficiently.
Key Features
•  Two piece unit including merchant terminal and customer PINpad (if required)
•  Intuitive ATM style interface
•  Exceptional ease of use
•  Compact size & ergonomic design
•  Large size menu prompts
•  Large backlit displays on both PINpad & terminal
•  High speed 18LPS thermal printer with drop & insert paper loading
•  Supported by VeriCentre Remote Terminal Management Centre
•  ETSL 5.1 EMV/3DES Certified & Active

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