Portable Weighbridge

We repair, maintain and certify portable weighbridges. Marsh, Toltec, Frizzell, Atrax and Hellacious portable weighbridges are all makes that we calibrate and repair.

Contact ScaleLogic today for a price to repair, service, certify or supply your Portable Weighbridge.

We have designed and built our own weighbridge indicator control boxes which have a built in battery, solar panel, charger and USB data logger. It includes the indicator and printer.

We also have custom standalone indicator systems which drivers can operate autonomously

A portable weighbridge is transported to either the farm where the silage/product is being harvested, or at the farm where the silage/product is being stacked.
It weighs a complete truck and its load. The weighbridge is connected to an indicator that records the individual truck weights to give a complete record of every load that has been weighed. This information is either printed onto a docket or uploaded to a usb and then a computer and the results printed out for both the buyer and the seller.
Weighing your silage and product is very important, it eliminates any guesswork in what is being harvested.

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