Eftpos Solutions

Why you should choose PayLogic for your Eftpos Solution:

  •   On Call 24-7 – Anytime 365 days a year. Our timely response will ensure that your business operates consistently, reliably and profitably which is backed by our on-time guarantee.
  •   We know our stuff – We are backed by exclusive and non-exclusive sales agreements and have the backing from New Zealand’s largest Eftpos Distributors.
  •  The Complete Solution – We can not only provide you with an Eftpos Terminal but also Scales and Point of Sale terminals. This means you also receive benefits like cheaper pricing, fixed travel rates, preferential support and pricing discounts.
  •  Before purchasing any equipment, ask yourself this, “Can the company provide you with the ability to service your product long after the warranty period has expired?” With PayLogic, you can answer this question with, “Yes!”
  • SIMPLE = We only have two service packages to meet your needs. Elite and Basic. We shouldn’t charge extra to provide you a service you rely on. So we have decided to provide Elite (all inclusive) and Basic (courier swap out). This means you don’t need to worry about what you are covered for as its simple.

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