Nuweigh Precision Balance PS/C2 – 2 Decimal


psc2Balance series PS are equipped with 12 key front panel and LCD backlit display. Pan dimension is this series is 195×195 or 128×128 mm with a glass shield over the weighing pan which protects the load against possible breeze. Each balance has RS232 and additional display outputs as standard.
GLP procedure is available in a form of a report from balance calibration, shape of the printout is modifiable. User name, project name, print of date and time, and print frame are user defined on printout.
Balances marked as C/2 are equipped with system of internal automatic calibration. Balances are equipped with optional weighing of loads outside the weighing pan, so called under hook weighing. It is an alternative for weighing loads with non standard dimensions or made of magnetic substances. Under hook weighing is additionally applied in case of density determination procedure.


  • 2 Decimal Accuracy and Readability

Available models:

  1. PS 1200/c/2
  2. PS 2100/C/2
  3. PS 3500/C/2
  4. PS 4500/C/2
  5. PS 6000/C/2
  6. PS 200/2000/2
  • Automatic internal calibration
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Optional anti-draught shield

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